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Aftermath Of post tropical cyclone Ophelia; Remains May Cause More Flooding

Aftermath Of post tropical cyclone Ophelia; Remains May Cause More Flooding| iStock

The now post-tropical cyclone Ophelia moved through the Mid-Atlantic, causing strong winds and flooding.

Aftermath Of post tropical cyclone Ophelia; Remains May Cause More Flooding| Photo: Avenidas

The now post-tropical cyclone made landfall in North Carolina and then moved to Virginia, leaving many without power.

While it has now become a post-tropical cyclone, Ophelia is likely to affect NFL games in its path.

The remnants of post-tropical cyclone Ophelia may bring flash flooding from Virginia to New Jersey and coastal flooding along Chesapeake Bay.

The now post-tropical cyclone Ophelia caused storm surges in North Carolina, leading to power outages and causing minimal damage in the Wilmington area.

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Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia is causing heavy rainfall in the Northeast region.

Ophelia, now a post-tropical cyclone, continues to bring a risk of flash flooding along the Mid-Atlantic coast from Washington, D.C., to New York, according to NPR.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that some areas may receive between 1 and 3 inches of rainfall, while dangerous surf and rip currents are expected along the East Coast.

After post-tropical cyclone Ophelia, a new tropical storm, named Philippe currently forms in the Atlantic, but no alerts have been issued related to this storm. Coastal flooding and heavy rain may cause flash flooding from Virginia to New Jersey, NPR added.

READ MORE| Tropical Storm Ophelia remains may cause more flooding. See its Atlantic coast aftermath.

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