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The French Trial Begins for the Two Police Officers Shot to Death

On evening of 2016, a scariest attack in Europe from the Islamic State Group involving two police officers being killed in their family home, in front of theris 3-year-old son.

A Trial for two police officers

The Trial of the French counterterrorism court started on Monday regarding the attack in the Paris suburb of Magnanville resulting to the murder of two police officers.

In a report by VOA, The attacker in the name of Larossi Abballa was also shot dead by the police. For him, he was just responding to an IS leader’s call to kill the two police officers in their home with their families. he told the police negotiators.

Mohamed Aberouz, a boyhood friend of Abballa’s, is currently facing charges of conspiring with terrorists to murder and kidnap people. Aberouz, who maintains his innocence, might spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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The killings happened amid the attacks in France linked to the Islamic State group. The scenario about the two police officers has a long-lasting effect on the police officers around France resulting in the resignation of some officers to protect their families or change services.

In a report of the court documents, Abballa broke into the house of the two police officers, Jessica Schnieder and Jean-Baptiste Salvaing before they returned from work. When police officer Schneider came home, Abballa jump unto her and slit her throat in the living room in front of the Child.

Salvaing texted her that he was leaving, according to the document but There was no response. He was stabbed upon arriving home.

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According to the records, when neighbors called the police, the perpetrator claimed to be holding the couple’s 3-year-old child hostage. He emphasized that he had not targeted civilians, but rather officials of the French state, in his statement to a negotiator from a special police unit, explaining that he took action because the French government was blocking the faithful from joining the caliphate.

In another report by Ground News, on the death of two police officers, they rescued the boy and killed Abballa. The boy was 10 years old now and was raised by family members and was not expected to join the trial.

After more than five years of investigation on the case of two police officers, Aberouz was the only one facing the trial. Charges were given to the two others but later dropped. Aberouz, 30 years old, was arrested after his DNA was found on the two police officers’ computer.

According to the court documents, Aberouz originally denied affiliations with IS before recognizing that the organization shared his convictions and criticizing its radical tactics.

He insists he never visited the police couple’s home or participated in the attack’s planning. He claimed that the DNA discovered in the victims’ residence may have come from him shaking Abballa’s hand or traveling in his automobile just days earlier.

Aberouz was now sentenced to prison in another terrorism case for his role in a failed gas canister attack near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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