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Sydney Powell Who Bludgeoned Mom To Death, Convicted Of Two Counts For Murder, Felonious Assault And Evidence Tampering

Sydney Powell Who Bludgeoned Mom To Death, Convicted For Two Counts Of Murder, Felonious Assault And Evidence Tampering| Photo: NY Post

Sydney Powell, a 23-year-old woman from Ohio, was convicted for bludgeoning her mother to death with a frying pan and stabbing her numerous times.

Sydney Powell Who Bludgeoned Mom To Death, Convicted For Two Counts Of Murder, Felonious Assault And Evidence Tampering| Photo: WEWS

Sydney Powell was kicked out of college for poor grades, which her parents discovered, leading to the deadly confrontation.

Sydney Powell had kept her expulsion a secret and continued to live on campus until being evicted from her dorm.

After Sydney Powell’s father informed her mother, a discussion took place which escalated into violence. Prosecutors say Sydney Powell repeatedly beat her mother with the frying pan and then stabbed her with a steak knife.

Sydney Powell’s defense argued that she suffered from schizophrenia and was not aware of the wrongfulness of her actions.

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However, the jury rejected the insanity defense of Sydney Powell.

Sydney Powell is scheduled to be sentenced on September 28th and could face a maximum sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole in 15 years.

According to a report by The Mirror, Sydney Powell initially claimed that someone broke into their home, but prosecutors believe Sydney Powell staged a break-in.

Three psychologists found Sydney Powell not guilty by reason of insanity, while another determined Sydney Powell was sane when the alleged murder occurred, The Mirror added.

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