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Climate Prediction Center: El Niño Strengthens; Know More

Climate Prediction Center: El Niño Strengthens; Know More| Photo: Pexels

The strengthening of El Niño is expected to lead to warmer than normal temperatures in much of the northern half of the US, forecasted by Climate Prediction Center.

Climate Prediction Center: El Niño Strengthens; Know More| Photo: SKNIS

Maine, western Washington, and Oregon are particularly expected to see warmer temperatures said NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

The southern US and Atlantic coast into southern New England are expected to have a wetter than normal winter, while parts of the Northwest, Mountain West, and Great Lakes may see below normal precipitation.

El Niño is a naturally occurring climate pattern that occurs when trade winds weaken over the tropical Pacific Ocean and push warmer water east.

The combination of El Niño and the ongoing warm temperatures in the oceans and atmosphere make it difficult for the Climate Prediction Center to accurately predict the weather in the coming months.

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El Niño typically leads to wetter conditions in the southern US and drier conditions in the northern US, but the influence can vary.

The warm ocean temperatures are also contributing to a rise in global temperatures faster than expected.

According to Climate Prediction Center, the latest forecast indicates that El Niño will persist through the winter of 2023-2024. The chances of at least a strong El Niño have increased to 71%, though local climate impacts may not necessarily be strong.

The Climate Prediction Center also added that the El Niño is expected to continue through the winter with a high probability.

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