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Magic Johnson Twitter Creates A Buzz Online As The Legend Continues To Share Opinions About The NBA

Magic Johnson twitter fiasco earned mixed reactions from fans. (Photo:
Magic Johnson twitter fiasco earned mixed reactions from fans. (Photo:

Magic Johnson twitter buzz reveals the predictions of the retired legend.

Opinions and predictions posted on Magic Johnson twitter account receives mixed reactions from fans. (Photo: CBS News)

Opinions and predictions posted on Magic Johnson twitter account receive mixed reactions from fans. (Photo: CBS News)

The Buzz About Magic Johnson Twitter

Magic Johnson twitter account has been making a buzz online since his account is tweeting nonstop about what is happening lately in the NBA. Magic Johnson twitter contained his opinion about the Damian Lillard trade chaos, and that he still thinks that the Lakers is still the best team.

The Magic Johnson twitter fiasco may be also about the fact that James Jones, the General Manager of the Phoenix Suns, traded away Deandre Ayton, the team’s former top draft pick who was unhappy, and transformed his expensive contract into four players who will contribute to the team’s regular rotation.

Magic Johnson twitter also includes news about the Denver Nuggets. He stated that Denver is just behind the Lakers as being the best team, along with the Phoenix.

Magic Johnson twitter account also had a tweet saying that the Phoenix Suns has a good line-up of players. He also mentioned names under the said basketball team.

According to a published article by FanNation, Magic Johnson twitter also shared his agreement about the confidence of the Lakers in the current team members. Magic Johnson twitter also shared the Lakers’ hesitation to chase another star player.

Mixed Reactions From The Fans

In a published article by AZ Central, due to the recent buzz of Magic Johnson twitter, fans have raised eyebrows to his opinions and have mixed reactions to his predictions posted on the social media platform.

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