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New Tropical Storm Forms Near Another Tropical Storm: Will Fujiwhara Effect Happen?

New Tropical Storm Forms Near Another Tropical Storm: Will Fujiwhara Effect Happen?| Photo: CBS News

Tropical Storm Rina has formed in the Atlantic Ocean and is expected to interact with Tropical Storm Philippe in a phenomenon called the Fujiwhara Effect.

New Tropical Storm Forms Near Another Tropical Storm: Will Fujiwhara Effect Happen?| Photo:Treehugger

The two storms will track close to each other, causing tropical storm Philippe to slow down or change direction while Rina moves over it.

The Fujiwhara Effect involves the rotation of two storms around a common center, similar to ice skaters holding hands and spinning in a circle.

The path of tropical storm Philippe and tropical storm Rina is uncertain due to their interaction, but they are not expected to hit the Caribbean. Tropical storm Rina is the 18th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

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Tropical storm Philippe is located east of the Northern Leeward Islands and is expected to strengthen over the weekend and into next week before curving north away from the islands.

According to a report by the Pensacola News Journal, tropical storm Rina is also strengthening but is expected to begin weakening on Sunday.

Florida is not directly threatened by either tropical storm, but heavy rainfall and thunderstorms could still cause disruption and damage.

The season is currently in its most active period, running from mid-August to mid-October, Pensacola News Journal added.

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