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September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Shines Spotlight on Central California Men Advocating for Prostate Health

Photo: Everyday Health

Prostate cancer, the most prevalent cancer among men, casts a shadow of concern as September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close.

September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Shines Spotlight on Central California Men Advocating for Prostate Health (Photo: Canadian Cancer Society)

Medical Insights: Imperative of Timely Screening

In a recent report published by ABC30 News, in September 29, 2023, as September marks the culmination of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Leonard Zasoski, a 12-year prostate cancer survivor, passionately calls for increased awareness and action. His poignant plea resonates with urgency, drawing attention to the critical role women play in encouraging the men in their lives to undergo regular screenings.  In line with September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Zasoski’s journey began at the age of 21 when his father battled metastatic prostate cancer, an experience that fueled his commitment to proactive health measures.

Now, at 62, as September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month comes, Zasoski emphasizes the importance of routine screenings, reflecting on his decision to pursue treatment upon receiving a concerning Prostate Specific Antigen test result at the age of 50. Dr. Bhavin Patel, a urologist at Kaiser Permanente in Fresno, underscores the significance of regular screenings for men aged 50-55, emphasizing the limited symptoms associated with prostate cancer. September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month also emphasizes for those at higher risk, such as African American men or those with a family history of the disease, screenings should commence at 45.

Dr. Patel highlights the simplicity of the PSA blood test, a vital tool in gauging prostate cancer risk before symptoms manifest. Despite its importance, financial barriers hinder many from seeking timely screenings. The recently introduced September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month PSA Screening for HIM Act aims to address this issue by mandating insurance coverage for high-risk individuals, potentially eliminating the financial obstacle that deters proactive health measures.

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Advocacy in Action: Overcoming Pandemic-Induced Hurdles

In a report featured by Yahoo News, amidst the ongoing pandemic, a concerning trend emerges— a decline in men seeking prostate cancer screenings. Financial constraints and a lack of awareness contribute to this worrisome pattern. Ron Subia, a Visalia resident and cancer survivor, champions the cause by advocating for the PSA Screening for HIM Act in relation to September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Subia’s journey, coupled with the collective efforts of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers, seeks to sway lawmakers towards supporting the bill.  September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month sheds light on the challenges faced by advocates like Subia and the broader medical community, urging a united front to combat the dual barriers of awareness and financial constraints that impede timely prostate cancer screenings.

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