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Cold War Mentality: US report

A cold mentality report was accused by China against the US. US report accused Beijing of global media manipulation on the procurement of foreign media outlets, censorship, coercion, and data extraction.

Cold War Mentality

A Chinese official commented on a report by the State Department’s Global Engagement Center that it is a Cold War mentality and it will be the way to keep China down and buttress American Hegemony.

In a report by TRT World, He said that China is against this move. Then uS released a report claiming that Beijing bent the global information environment to its advantage and argued that China was holding propaganda and censorship, promoting digital authoritarianism, exploiting international organizations and bilateral partnerships, pairing cooptation and pressure, and exercising control over the Chinese language media. These are all on the claims of the US to China commenting on the claim of Cold War mentality.

In a report by China that was released earlier this year, Liu discloses that the US manipulated the Western media to make a global public opinion that will favor US interference in other countries. That makes the US being described as Cold War Mentality

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He claimed that in order to get American social media corporations to comply with its demands, the US government imposes strict censorship on them.

The spokesperson for the Chinese embassy also cited a 2022 article published by the US-based news outlet The Intercept, according to which US Central Command officials gave Twitter’s public policy team instructions to increase the presence of 52 Arabic-language accounts on a list they sent, with priority given to six of them.

A Chinese official said that they are not like the US and has a cold war mentality, China continues to have good relationships with all countries, establishing and developing friendly and cooperative and it advocates the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits.

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On a report by Reuters, with the Cold War mentality issue, China and the US remain bitter competition and they remain tense over issues on Taiwan, fentanyl, human rights, trade, and Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine.

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