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Extreme Rainfall In NYC Caused Hundred Of Flights Cancellations And Delays

Extreme Rainfall In NYC Caused Hundred Of Flights Cancellations And Delays| Photo: BBC

Extreme rainfall caused extensive flooding at airports in New York and New Jersey, resulting in the cancellation and delay of hundreds of flights.

Extreme Rainfall In NYC Caused Hundred Of Flights Cancellations And Delays| Photo: iStock

LaGuardia Airport experienced nearly 400 flight delays and 300 cancellations, while John F. Kennedy International Airport had over 400 delays and 200 cancellations.

Due to the extreme rainfall, flights were temporarily halted, and inbound flights faced an average delay of over two hours at LaGuardia. Terminal A was closed due to flooding caused by the extreme rainfall, with images and videos showing ankle-level water inside and outside the terminal.

Newark Liberty International Airport also saw over 300 flight delays and nine cancellations.

The FAA announced that ground delay programs would be in effect at all three airports until late Friday night.

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The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for several areas, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul advised against unnecessary travel due to the dangerous conditions.

New York City experienced one of its wettest days in decades, with record-breaking extreme rainfall of over 8.65 inches at John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to CBS News.

Parts of Brooklyn saw more than 7.25 inches of extreme rainfall, causing street flooding and stranding drivers.

The extreme rainfall was caused by the combination of remnants from Tropical Storm Ophelia and a mid-latitude system. As the planet warms, storms are becoming more frequent and intense, CBS News added.

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