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Central Park Zoo Sea Lion ‘Sally’ Swims Free Due To New York Flooding

Central Park Zoo Sea Lion ‘Sally’ Swims Free Due To New York Flooding| Photo: The Daily Beast

A sea lion named Sally at the Central Park Zoo in New York briefly escaped her enclosure due to heavy rain causing her pool to flood.

Central Park Zoo Sea Lion ‘Sally’ Swims Free Due To New York Flooding| Photo:LatestLY

The Central Park Zoo sea lion was spotted swimming out of the flooded pool and exploring the surrounding area.

After Sally’s free swim, she was able to return to her enclosure, which she shares with two other sea lions.

The Central Park Zoo staff ensured she didn’t swim too far and she never left their sight. The Central Park Zoo was closed due to the severe weather, and after the water levels receded, the sea lions were contained again.

No Central Park Zoo staff or visitors were in danger, and the sea lion never breached the boundaries of the Central Park Zoo. Other zoos and the aquarium in the area were also closed during the storm.

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The Central Park Zoo remains closed due to the heavy rain and flooding, with no update on when it will reopen.

According to CBS News, all the animals at the Central Park Zoo were accounted for and safe.

The Central Park Zoo sea lion escaping is not the first time a zoo animal in New York City has escaped from its enclosure, with a notable incident involving an Egyptian cobra in 2011.

CBS News added that New York City residents were urged to stay indoors during the storm, as a state of emergency was declared due to historic flooding.

READ MORE| Flooding gives Central Park Zoo sea lion a brief free swim

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