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Alleged Bullying Victim Cheerleader Sues Long Island School After Relentless Bullying

Alleged Bullying Victim Cheerleader Sues Long Island School After Relentless Bullying|Photo: iStock

A 16-year-old bullying victim cheerleader on Long Island has filed a $6 million lawsuit claiming she was bullied for years, leading her to contemplate suicide.

Alleged Bullying Victim Cheerleader Sues Long Island School After Relentless Bullying| Photo: Humanium

The 16-year-old bullying victim, identified as A.S., alleges that she endured persistent bullying for four years in the Smithtown Central School District.

The bullying victim alleges that the bullying includes a vicious attack at a party that was filmed and shared online. Despite video evidence of the attacks, the bullies faced no consequences.

The parents of the alleged bullying victim attempted to sell their home and purchased a horse as an emotional support animal, but the horse was tragically killed, leading the bullies to mock the alleged bullying victim as “horse girl.”

The district allegedly failed to adequately address the bullying, and the alleged bullies have not been identified due to their status as minors.

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The school has declined to comment on the lawsuit filed by the bullying victim.

According to The Daily Beast, the $6 million lawsuit that the bullying victim and her parents is against the school district, superintendent, school, and school board.

Other recent cases of bullying-related legal action have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements.

The lawyer representing the bullying victim argues that schools are failing to protect students from bullying and need more resources to address the issue, The Daily Beast added.

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