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Cities In Wisconsin With Increased Crime Rates

Cities in Wisconsin that are labeled as dangerous. (Photo: World Atlas)
Cities in Wisconsin that are labeled as dangerous. (Photo: World Atlas)

High crime cities in Wisconsin to look out for.

Cities in Wisconsin with high crime rates. (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Cities in Wisconsin with high crime rates. (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Cities In Wisconsin With High-Crime Rates

Wisconsin has experienced an increase in crime, with several cities being labeled as dangerous. There is a list of the cities in Wisconsin of the most treacherous places in Wisconsin for 2023 through analyzing the FBI’s crime report for cities with over 5,000 residents.

Cities in Wisconsin such as Beloit, Brown Deer, Milwaukee, Rice Lake, and La Crosse are labeled as dangerous. While Wisconsin itself is one of the most dangerous states in the US, there are still cities in Wisconsin deemed as dangerous.

Being aware of one’s environment should be prioritized when travelling to cities in Wisconsin. Cities in Wisconsin are also prone to weather changes so tourists should also be ready for such according to the Southwest Journal.

Dangerous Weather And Natural Disasters

In a published article by AZ Animals, there are certain areas and cities in Wisconsin that are prone to weather changes and natural disasters. Flooding, wildfires and even extreme precipitation can always happen in these areas and cities in Wisconsin.

Extreme heat can also be felt in these areas and cities in Wisconsin. Such phenomena have resulted to damaged homes, roads and infrastructures located in cities in Wisconsin. Overall, while Wisconsin may have its idyllic and charming areas, it is important to be aware of the dangerous places, roads, activities, and weather risks in the state.

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