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Girl Detained in Dubai, Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, Returns Safely to the US After Ordeal

Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, Wrongfully Detained in Dubai, Safely Returns to the US After a Traumatic Experience. (Photo: turnto23)

Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, The Girl Detained in Dubai Safely Returns Home with Global Support and Advocacy

Girl detained in Dubai, Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, returns safely to the US after ordeal. (Photo:

Legal Injustices and Global Efforts, The Story of the Girl Detained in Dubai

According to, Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, a 21-year-old college student from the Bronx, has returned safely to the United States after enduring a harrowing five-month detention in a Dubai prison. Her ordeal began when she was wrongfully accused of assaulting and insulting a Dubai airport customs official in July, leading to a one-year prison sentence for the girl detained in Dubai.

During her detention, De Los Santos, the girl detained in Dubai, experienced humiliating and invasive searches by prison staff, and she incurred substantial expenses, including lawyer fees amounting to $50,000. The situation garnered attention and support from various quarters, including Rep. Ritchie Torres, who swiftly initiated contact with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities and the consulate in New York on behalf of the girl detained in Dubai.

Torres and his team tirelessly exerted pressure on the State Department to intervene for the girl detained in Dubai. Their efforts were instrumental in the resolution of her case and her safe return to the US.

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Diplomatic Triumph and Advocacy, Girl Detained in Dubai Finds Freedom

Crucially, the advocacy group Detained in Dubai played a pivotal role in securing De Los Santos’s release, aiding the girl detained in Dubai. This organization specializes in assisting foreign nationals detained and prosecuted in the UAE, and their intervention ultimately led to the dropping of all charges against her.

Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos’s return to the United States, a significant moment for the girl detained in Dubai, highlights the importance of diplomatic efforts and advocacy groups in ensuring the rights and safety of individuals detained abroad.

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