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Living in Tucson’s Fairfield Community, Cacti Theft Wave Sparks Vigilance and Concern

Residents in Tucson's Fairfield neighborhood have faced a troubling rise in cactus thefts, with 35 cacti disappearing in a mere ten-day span, mainly from the gardens of homeowners. This has led to the establishment of nighttime surveillance and calls for enhanced security measures to protect these beloved plants. (Photo: Pacific Standard)

Wave of Cacti Thefts Concern Residents Living in Tucson’s Fairfield Community

Living in Tucson’s Fairfield community has been marred by a surge in cacti thefts, with 35 cacti stolen in just ten days, primarily from residents’ private backyards, prompting a night watch and advocacy for improved security measures to safeguard their cherished plants. (Photo: theguardian)

Cacti Thefts Alarming Those Living in Tucson’s Fairfield Community

According to, the residents living in Tucson’s Fairfield community are sounding the alarm after experiencing a wave of cacti thefts with a staggering 35 cacti stolen over the course of just ten days. Cacti, cherished for their presence in Tucson have become an unexpected target for thieves in various neighborhoods. The thefts specifically affecting the Fairfield community have escalated in frequency including at least one theft occurring over the past three nights.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office serving those living in Tucson has reported receiving three theft reports related to cacti in the foothills area over the past one to two weeks. Eloise Gore, the HOA President of a community within the Fairfield area expressed her dismay, noting that these stolen plants had recently survived their fourth summer and were well-established. However the thieves’ actions have left little hope for their survival.

Initially, the thefts were concentrated in common areas within the community of those living in Tucson but over time the thieves grew bolder targeting cacti in residents’ private backyards. The stolen cacti, primarily Gold Barrels and Columnar cacti hold significant value with estimates of $300 and $100 each, respectively. Some residents have reported losses amounting to $1,000 for a single cactus.

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Vigilant Night Watch and Advocacy Efforts by Residents Living in Tucson

To combat the thefts, the neighborhood has organized a night watch, with residents taking turns camping in their cars from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM in an effort to apprehend the culprits. The replacement cost of the stolen cacti is estimated at around $7,500, but for the affected community members living in Tucson, the loss transcends monetary value; it represents a loss of something integral to their community.

In response to the thefts, HOA presidents and concerned residents living in Tucson are not only focused on apprehending the thieves but are also advocating for improved safety measures. They recommend installing motion sensor cameras near valuable cacti and encouraging homeowners to keep their most expensive specimens out of plain view.

Their hope is that their story serves as a cautionary tale, reminding those who own or plan to buy cacti while living in Tucson to be vigilant against these unusual and prickly thieves. As of now, there have been no arrests or named suspects in this string of plant thefts, leaving the community on high alert.

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