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2022 New York City Subway Mass Shooting Suspect Sentenced To Life In Prison

2022 New York City Subway Mass Shooting Suspect Sentenced To Life In Prison | Photo: PBS

The 2022 New York City subway mass shooting suspect, Frank James, has been sentenced to life in prison for spraying a New York City subway car with bullets during rush hour, injuring 10 people.

2022 New York City Subway Mass Shooting Suspect Sentenced To Life In Prison| Photo: CNN

Several of the victims of the subway mass shooting suspect recounted their ongoing trauma in court before the sentencing.

The subway mass shooting suspect pleaded guilty to terrorism charges and received a life sentence on 10 counts and 10 years for an 11th count of discharging a firearm during an act of violence.

The victims described the panic and chaos during the shooting, and some revealed ongoing emotional and mental distress.

The mass shooting suspect expressed remorse for his actions but criticized the mental health system in the country. The mass shooting suspect argued that the system fails those in need of help.

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However, the judge dismissed the statements of the mass shooting suspect and called his actions “pure evil.”

The mass shooting suspect initiated the attack during morning rush hour, setting off a smoke bomb and firing his gun 32 times before it jammed, BBC reported.

Prosecutors argued that the mass shooting suspect carefully planned the attack, and he disguised himself as a construction worker during the incident.

The lawyers of the mass shooting suspect claimed he suffered from mental illness, but the judge rejected their justifications. This attack was one of the most violent in the history of New York City’s subway system, BBC added.

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