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Fear of Being Poisoned Exposed, Cassidy Hutchinson Unveils Trump’s Eccentric Dining Habits on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Cassidy Hutchinson revealed insights into the former President Donald Trump's apprehension about being poisoned, which impacted his dining choices such as favoring small ketchup bottles, occasional outbursts during meals, and his tendency to avoid eating in public. (Photo: yahoo)

Trump’s Frequent Food Tantrums, Unveiling His Fear of Being Poisoned

Cassidy Hutchinson’s interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” shed light on former President Donald Trump’s “fear of being poisoned,” influencing his dining habits, including his preference for small ketchup bottles, occasional food-throwing tantrums, and avoidance of eating in front of others. (Photo: yahoo)

Trump’s Fear of Being Poisoned, Unveiling His Unique Dining Habits

According to, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to discuss her book “Enough” and offer insights into her experiences while working in the Oval Office. During her interview, she unveiled captivating details concerning former President Donald Trump’s frequent food tantrums, which were a prevalent occurrence.

Hutchinson highlighted Trump’s “potent fear of being poisoned,” which significantly shaped his inclination towards small Heinz glass ketchup bottles. The reassuring pop upon opening these bottles served as a tangible confirmation that his food had not been tampered with, underscoring his persistent “fear of being poisoned.” Trump’s food-throwing tantrums were a constant source of both amusement and exasperation for those in his proximity.

Hutchinson divulged that these outbursts transpired “once or twice a week, sometimes more,” frequently triggered by unfavorable news stories. These tantrums extended beyond mere food and plate hurling; at times, they escalated to the point where tablecloths were flung in fits of anger. Interestingly, Trump exhibited a peculiar preference for avoiding meals in the presence of others, leaving observers perplexed as to the underlying motivation behind this conduct.

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Exploring the Origins of Trump’s “Fear of Being Poisoned”

Cassidy Hutchinson’s revelations offered a vivid portrayal of the idiosyncratic dining habits and the ever-present “fear of being poisoned” that characterized Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, providing a unique glimpse into the interplay of eccentricity and authority within the realm of politics.

During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the show, brought humor into the discussion by playfully speculating about the source of Trump’s “fear of being poisoned.” He jokingly suggested that it could have originated from his ex-wives or perhaps even Russia.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s revelations, on the whole, offered a window into the distinctive dining practices and the persistent “fear of being poisoned” that characterized the former President, illustrating the intriguing fusion of idiosyncrasy and authority within the realm of politics.

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