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Joseph Findley Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Derail Passenger Train, FBI Investigation Unveils Terrorism-Related Charges

Joseph Findley, aged 43, has been taken into custody by FBI agents and is now confronting terrorism-related allegations after his alleged attempt to sabotage a passenger train, resulting in substantial disruption and an estimated repair expense of $10,000. (Photo: cleveland)

Cleveland Man Joseph Findley Arrested and Charged in Train Sabotage Plot

Joseph Findley, 43, arrested by FBI agents, faces terrorism charges for attempting to derail a passenger train, leading to significant disruption and a $10,000 repair cost. (Photo: cleveland)

Sabotage Attempt Uncovered, Joseph Findley’s Arrest and Train Obstruction

According to, Joseph Findley was arrested by FBI agents and charged with terrorism-related offenses after allegedly attempting to derail a passenger train. Findley, 43 years old was apprehended at his Cleveland residence. He is accused of placing pieces of metal into a rail switch and inserting train spikes to sabotage the train’s path.

According to an affidavit filed by an FBI special agent, Joseph Findley a CSX train encountered the obstructed railroad switch just east of East 55th Street leading to a significant disruption. The agent explained that metal tie plates and spikes were deliberately placed on the switch by Joseph Findley, rendering it inoperable.

The obstruction was discovered during a test run for a friends and family event scheduled for the next day resulting in the train’s wheels temporarily shifting off the track causing an estimated repair cost of $10,000.

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Joseph Findley’s Admission and Legal Proceedings Highlight Severity of Alleged Terrorism Act

The FBI subsequently executed a search warrant at Joseph Findley’s residence, where he reportedly admitted to placing railroad spikes on the tracks multiple times. Joseph Findley is currently detained in jail and is expected to have a hearing in federal court in Cleveland next week, according to the report.

The incident underscores the seriousness of the alleged act of terrorism, with potential consequences not only for public safety but also for the disruption of transportation services and associated costs.

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