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Grant High School Stabbing Incident Sparks Concerns for Student Safety

(Photo: ktla)

A stabbing near Grant High School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, led to a police investigation, with the incident occurring near the school, involving teenage suspects who fled the scene in a white Honda hatchback. (Photo: ktla)

School Officials Collaborate with Law Enforcement for Swift Response

According to, A stabbing incident near Grant High School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles has prompted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. The incident occurred in the 13000 block of Oxnard Street, not far from Grant High School at around 4:15 p.m. The suspects were believed to be teenagers and fled the scene in a white Honda hatchback with no license plate information provided.

The victim whose condition was not specified was promptly transported to the hospital. This alarming event has raised concerns about the safety of students and the community in the vicinity of Grant High School. The victim is a 16-year-old who was stabbed near the Ulysses S. Grant High School campus. Both the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles School Police Department responded to the incident which took place on the school grounds at approximately 3:30 p.m. The injured student was promptly taken to a nearby hospital with an unspecified condition.

Five male suspects are aged 15 to 18 and fled the area in a white hatchback near Grant High School. As the investigation unfolded and evidence such as a trail of blood and scattered school supplies, was observed on Grant High School’s campus.

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Unified Efforts to Ensure a Secure Educational Environment at Grant High School

The folks over at the Los Angeles Unified School District want everyone to know just how committed they are to keeping the students and staff at Grant High School safe. They made it clear that the incident happened at the edge of the campus, well after school hours so no other students or staff at the High School were affected.

They’re working closely with the law enforcement agencies to make sure the High School’s campus remains a safe place and they’re even offering counseling services and support for anyone who was impacted by this incident. They’re also encouraging parents to get in touch if they have any questions or concerns. The Grant High School community is pretty relieved and thankful for how quickly and professionally the staff reacted to ensure everyone’s safety.

This incident really drives home just how important safety measures in and around the school are. It’s a stark reminder that it’s crucial for law enforcement, schools and the community to come together and ensure a secure educational environment for all the students at Grant High School.

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