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Susquehanna Township Police Investigate Bizarre Murder and Body Burning Case

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Former Political Candidate Charged with Murder and Arson: Susquehanna Township Police Investigate Bizarre Case

Former Pennsylvania political candidate Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson faces charges in the murder of her husband, Carmen Henderson, whose body was found burned on their back porch by Susquehanna Township Police. (Photo: abc27)

Susquehanna Township Police Uncover Disturbing Discrepancies in Evelyn Henderson’s Statements

According to the source, A former political candidate in Pennsylvania, Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson, has been charged with the murder of her retired sheriff husband, Carmen Henderson, and the subsequent burning of his body on their back porch. The incident on June 16 began with a 911 call where Evelyn claimed her husband had started a fire and burned himself. The dispatcher noted her behavior as “off” and “hesitant to answer questions.”

Susquehanna Township Police arrived at the couple’s home and discovered Carmen Henderson’s charred, naked body on the back porch, showing signs of advanced decomposition. Susquehanna Township Police booked Evelyn Henderson on charges of criminal homicide, aggravated arson, and arson resulting in danger of death or bodily injury.

The case took a puzzling turn as Evelyn provided inconsistent accounts of the events leading to her husband’s death. She initially claimed to have found his body the morning after an argument, but her 911 call contradicted this. She then suggested he died accidentally from a fire caused by his cigar, a theory deemed “improbable” by Susquehanna Township Police investigators.

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Susquehanna Township Police Delve into Financial Motives and Family Dynamics

During questioning, Susquehanna Township Police learned of the couple’s significant financial troubles, owing $40,000 on a second mortgage and fearing property seizure. Evelyn believed she would become homeless, and her husband would live with his children from a previous marriage, as she mentioned the prospect of gaining $10,000 from her husband’s life insurance policy.

The case continues to be investigated by Susquehanna Township Police as they work diligently to unravel the truth behind Carmen Henderson’s death and the disturbing circumstances surrounding it.

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