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Riverwest Art Bar Owner Reports Break-In and Theft of Cash Register

Photo: OnMilwaukee

Milwaukee’s Riverwest Art Bar faces a disheartening incident as the owner, Don Krause, reported a break-in on October 20th.

Riverwest Art Bar Owner Reports Break-In and Theft of Cash Register (Photo: FOX6 News Milwaukee)

Security Concerns Escalate in Riverwest Neighborhood

In a report published by FOX6 News, in October 20, 2023, Krause’s establishment, Riverwest Art Bar, was targeted by two masked individuals in hooded sweatshirts, who were captured by surveillance cameras at around 6:15 a.m. The brazen culprits swiftly infiltrated the premises, making off with the cash register and drawer, although both were empty. The damage to the beloved Riverwest Art Bar is estimated at approximately $2,500, with a window already replaced in the aftermath.

Riverwest Art Bar artistic hub is not the only victim in the neighborhood, as the nearby Club 99 reported a series of unfortunate incidents. Only a day prior to the Riverwest Art Bar break-in, Club 99 faced a similar fate. A burglar threw a brick through their front door, pilfering the cash register containing around $400. Despite patching up the damage and notifying the police, the venue experienced another break-in attempt the very next day.

Willie Ortiz, who co-owns Riverwest Art Bar Club 99 with his father, is now investing in a security camera system to fortify the establishment and prevent further breaches. The cost of repairs, however, is expected to exceed $2,000.

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Riverwest Art Bars Unite to Combat Security Challenges

According to the report released by Newsbreak, the recent incidents at Riverwest Art Bar and Club 99 have brought to light the increasing security concerns in the vibrant neighborhood. As these beloved establishments grapple with financial losses and the need for improved security measures, the community’s resilience and support are critical.

Riverwest art bars are not only a source of entertainment but also integral cultural hubs, making it paramount to address and mitigate such security challenges. In the face of adversity, the community must unite to ensure the continued vibrancy of these Riverwest landmarks.

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