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Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes Intensifying Faster Due to Climate Change, New Study Reveals

(Photo: newscientist)

Study Reveals Alarming Increase in Intensity of Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes Due to Climate Change

A new study by Andra J. Garner at Rowan University reveals that the Atlantic’s strongest hurricanes are intensifying faster due to a warming climate and oceans. (Photo: france24)

Warming Oceans Fueling the Surge in Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes: Study Uncovers Disturbing Trend

According to the source, a new study highlights that the Atlantic hurricanes are now stronger and faster than ever before, with the warming climate and oceans playing a significant role. The research, conducted by Andra J. Garner, an assistant professor at Rowan University, reveals that the number of tropical cyclones intensifying from a Category 1 hurricane or weaker to the strongest Atlantic hurricanes, major hurricanes, within 36 hours, has more than doubled in the modern era (2001-2020) compared to the historical era (1971-1990).

This intensification is attributed to human-made greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on global warming, significantly affecting the intensification rates of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes. Over the past decade, the U.S. has faced more than 160 weather and climate disasters with 24 of them being the strongest Atlantic hurricanes.

Many of the most devastating storms in recent years, such as Hurricane Maria in 2017, are known for their rapid intensification, rapidly transitioning from tropical storms to the strongest Atlantic hurricanes, Category 5 hurricanes in a short period. The top five costliest U.S. weather and climate disasters in the last decade, including the strongest Atlantic hurricanes like Harvey, Ian, Sandy, Ida, and Irma, all underwent rapid intensification.

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Climate Change’s Role in the Surge of Rapid Intensification: Understanding the Factors Behind Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes

FOX Weather hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross emphasized that the strongest Atlantic hurricanes are more likely to rapidly intensify when ocean temperatures are warmer, a condition more frequently observed in the modern climate. He mentioned that factors like air pollution, volcanic eruptions, and increased CO2 levels have contributed to warming oceans, and modern observing technology is better at detecting the super-strong winds of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes.

While the exact quantification of increased rapid intensification may be unclear, it is evident that this phenomenon is occurring, underscoring the influence of climate change on hurricane behavior.

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