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Oregon Mountain Passes in the Cascade Range Await Season’s First Substantial Snowfall and Chilly Temperatures

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Oregon Mountain Passes Prepare for Season’s First Substantial Snowfall

Oregon mountain passes in the Cascade Range are set to receive their first significant snowfall of the season, with projections suggesting 6 to 12 inches of snow on key routes like U.S. Highway 20 over Santiam Pass and Oregon Highway 58 over Willamette Pass. (Photo: yahoo)

Cascade Range Oregon Mountain Passes Brace for Winter’s Chill

According to the source, Oregon mountain passes in the Cascade Range are gearing up for the arrival of the season’s initial substantial snowfall. Projections indicate that these Oregon mountain passes in the Cascade Range, including U.S. Highway 20 over Santiam Pass and Oregon Highway 58 over Willamette Pass, may receive 6 to 12 inches of snow. According to National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Burling, the most substantial snowfall is expected on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, with gentler flurries persisting into Thursday.

Close to Government Camp at Mount Hood along Oregon Highway 26, there’s an expected snowfall of 2 to 6 inches. The snow level could dip to 2,500 feet, yet most accumulation is projected above 3,000 feet. Those venturing into the Oregon mountain passes of the Cascade Range may encounter over a foot of snow in the 5,500-foot range and above.

In addition to the snow, the region is preparing for a drop in temperatures. The Willamette Valley is poised to witness temperatures declining to the upper 30s toward the latter part of the week. Freezing conditions are expected in these Oregon mountain passes of the Cascade Range by the weekend.

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Cold Snap Challenges Houseless Populations as Winter Approaches Oregon Mountain Passes

This may present challenges, particularly for houseless populations, and result in a hard frost. Eugene could experience frost by Friday morning, while the remainder of the valley is likely to see frosty conditions over the weekend, with low temperatures falling into the 20s.

However, the week following is projected to bring a return to more typical or even above-average temperatures. The extended forecast for the next 8 to 14 days leans toward warmer weather and increased precipitation. This shift in conditions marks the onset of the winter season in the region, with snowfall on Oregon mountain passes of the Cascade Range and cooler temperatures affecting various aspects of daily life and outdoor activities.

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