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Cities In Wisconsin And Their Unique Crime Patterns And Issues

Take precautions when visiting these cities in Wisconsin. (Photo: Vogue)
Take precautions when visiting these cities in Wisconsin. (Photo: Vogue)

Avoid using public Wi-Fi in these cities in Wisconsin.

Cities in Wisconsin with high crime rates. (Photo: Patch)

Cities in Wisconsin with high crime rates. (Photo: Patch)

The Issues With The Cities In Wisconsin

Cities in Wisconsin are generally safe to visit and even settle in. However, there are certain towns and cities in Wisconsin that have higher crime rates.

The ten most dangerous cities in Wisconsin are Beloit, La Crosse, Kenosha, Janesville, and Racine. Each of these cities in Wisconsin has its own unique crime patterns and issues.

Travelers to the cities in Wisconsin should keep their friends and family updated on their itinerary, and pack appropriately for the weather. It is also best to avoid using public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions when you go in of the cities in Wisconsin.

According to a published article by Travel Safe-Abroad, there are many areas in the cities in Wisconsin that are considered safe. The safest city in Wisconsin is Oconomowoc, and the best place to live away from the dangerous cities in Wisconsin is Whitefish Bay.

Not Known For Cheese Anymore

In a published article by the Southwest Journal, Wisconsin is no longer just known for cheese and the Green Bay Packers. The state now has some dangerous cities that have higher crime rates than the national average.

Cities like Milwaukee and Madison have high crime rates, but the title of the most dangerous place goes to Beloit, a town with a population of less than 10,000.

Travelers to Wisconsin are advised to stay informed about the most dangerous places and take precautions to ensure their safety.

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