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Silverado High Campus Sees Juvenile Arrested for Gun Possession

Photo: Transportation Security Administration

Las Vegas, Nevada, a concerning incident unfolded at Silverado High campus, leading to the arrest of a juvenile who was found in possession of a firearm.

Silverado High Campus Sees Juvenile Arrested for Gun Possession (Photo: Yahoo News)

The Unfortunate Incident

In a report published by the Review Journal, in October 24, 2023, the incident, which occurred last Friday, raised alarms and prompted a swift response from the school authorities. Principal Jaime Ditto, in a letter sent to parents, provided details of the incident and assured that there was no immediate threat to the students or the school.  It scrutinizes into the incident, sparking a light on the importance of school safety and how the community can actively participate in ensuring the security of the Silverado High campus.

In an unexpected turn of events, a juvenile not associated with the school was apprehended on the premises of Silverado High campus with a firearm. Principal Jaime Ditto took immediate action to inform parents about the situation.

It’s crucial to note that the incident occurred at Silverado High campus, while concerning, did not pose an imminent danger to the students or the school, as clarified by the school authorities. This incident, however, underscores the necessity for maintaining a vigilant approach to school safety.

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Empowering the Silverado High Community

According to the news reported by, in light of this incident, it is imperative for the Silverado High campus community to come together to enhance campus safety. Parents, students, and school staff must remain proactive in reporting any suspicious activities or potential threats. Open lines of communication, as highlighted by Principal Jaime Ditto, are essential.

Parents are encouraged to engage in discussions with their children regarding school safety and the importance of reporting anything amiss to adults. Additionally, students and parents can utilize resources like SafeVoice, a platform designed for reporting safety concerns, to ensure immediate attention to any issues, thus further fortifying the safety measures at Silverado High campus.

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