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Iowa Department of Public Safety Reveals Details of Border Security Measures During Recent $2 Million Deployment

Photo: The Gazette

Leaders from the Iowa National Guard and Iowa Department of Public Safety have come forward to recount the valiant efforts of their troops and officers during a recent deployment to aid Texas officials in conducting security operations along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Iowa Department of Public Safety Reveals Details of Border Security Measures During Recent $2 Million Deployment (Photo: The Quad-City Times)

Iowa’s Response to the Call: A Voluntary Mission

In a recent report featured by The Gazette, in October 25, 2023, this remarkable display of interstate cooperation and dedication has garnered praise from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who took the opportunity to criticize President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. In a news conference held at the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s offices, state officials shed light on the experiences of state troopers and officers, who served in separate deployments during August and September.

Reynolds authorized these deployments in response to a request from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with all the troops and officers from Iowa Department of Public Safety volunteering for the mission. From August 2 to September 1, Iowa sent 109 National Guard troops to Texas, followed by 31 Iowa Department of Public Safety officers from September 1 to October 2.

Major General Stephen Osborn, the Adjutant General of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Iowa National Guard, emphasized the volunteers’ commitment to safeguarding the United States, believing their efforts contributed significantly to enhancing the nation’s security. This collaboration with Texas comes after the Lone Star State long shouldered the burden of border security, reinforcing the essence of states working together for the common good.

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Heroes at the Border: Iowa’s Impact on Security

According to the report published by The Quad-City Times, the Iowa National Guard troops collaborated with their Texan counterparts to detect and apprehend transnational criminals and deter illegal migration. Their contributions led to the apprehension of 1,700 undocumented immigrants by Customs and Border Patrol, along with 1,241 surrenders. Meanwhile, Iowa Department of Public Safety officers focused their efforts on human smuggling investigations, making significant headway.

They were directly involved in 40 human smuggling cases, 11 drug trafficking cases, 14 narcotics arrests, six weapons arrests, 42 vehicle pursuits, 35 vehicle bailouts, 11 stolen vehicle recoveries, and they handed over 491 undocumented immigrants to federal Customs and Border Patrol agents. The Iowa Department of Public Safety state’s officers truly made an impact, plugging holes and solving problems in a location-specific manner. This deployment marks a momentous event as Iowa National Guard’s third mission to the U.S. southern border since 2020, albeit the first pursuant to a state-led initiative.

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