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Long-Term Rates Cast Shadow on Booming US Economy: Troubling Signs in Recent Treasury Yield

Photo: Reuters

As the U.S. economy continues to weather the storm of rising inflation, persistently long-term rates, and the resumption of student loan payments, a new concern looms on the horizon.

Long-Term Rates Cast Shadow on Booming US Economy: Troubling Signs in Recent Treasury Yield (Photo: CBS News)

Resilience and Rise of the 10-Year Treasury Yield

In a report featured by USA Today, in October 25, 2023, U.S. economy, resilient in the face of inflation and high interest rates, is facing a potential tipping point due to a recent surge in long-term rates. Some experts predict that this surge could curb the nation’s remarkable growth spurt and potentially lead to a mild recession in the coming year. In the third quarter, the economy exhibited robust growth at a 4.5% annual rate, primarily driven by strong consumer spending.

However, a slowdown to 0.7% in the current quarter and 1.1% for the next year is anticipated, with long-term rates playing a significant role in this pullback. Other factors, such as renewed student loan repayments, labor strikes, the possibility of a government shutdown, and the cumulative effects of the Federal Reserve’s short-term rate hikes, are compounding the challenges the economy faces.

The 10-year Treasury yield has surged recently, reaching over 5% for the first time since 2007. This sharp increase, up from 3.2% in early April, has sent ripples across financial markets and cast a shadow on the economic outlook. The 10-year note serves as a benchmark that influences various consumer and business loans, including the housing market and business investments. If long-term rates continue to rise, there’s a concern that 30-year mortgage rates may surpass 8%, potentially stifling the housing market. Furthermore, higher rates could discourage business investment and negatively impact U.S. exports. These developments are a significant headwind for the U.S. economy, raising questions about its resilience and stability in the face of economic challenges.

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Factors Driving the Surge in Long-Term Rates

According to the recent report published by Yahoo Finance, several factors contribute to the surge in long-term rates, including the Federal Reserve’s determination to keep short-term rates elevated due to a resilient economy, persistent inflation, and a growing federal deficit. The economy’s strength, despite multiple Fed rate hikes, may compel the central bank to maintain higher key rates for an extended period, impacting long-term rates. Additionally, elevated inflation levels are pushing bond investors to demand higher rates to offset rising costs.

The federal deficit, expected to increase significantly in the coming years, may lead to more Treasury bond issuances, potentially lowering bond prices and increasing their yields. While the surge in long-term rates is a concern, some experts believe that the economy’s underlying strength may mitigate the anticipated adverse effects, and the Fed could take steps to ease financial strains if needed.

Surge in long-term rates has the potential to challenge the U.S. economy’s ongoing growth and stability. As the nation faces multiple economic headwinds, including the resurgence of student loan repayments and labor disputes, the impact of rising long-term rates on housing, business investments, exports, and the stock market cannot be ignored. How these factors unfold in the coming months will significantly influence the economic trajectory and determine whether the U.S. economy can maintain its resilience in the face of mounting challenges.

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