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Denver Snow Storm Forecasts Predict Heaviest Seasonal Snowfall and Rainfall Across Central US


Denver Braces for Winter Storm: 5-12 Inches of Snow Expected with Heavy Rain Threat

Denver is gearing up for its first significant snowfall of the season, with Denver snow storm forecasts anticipating 3-8 inches of snow across the metro area. (Photo:

Denver Winter Storm: Heavy Snowfall and Travel Disruptions Expected

According to source, Denver is bracing for its first substantial snowfall of the season with Denver snow storm forecasts predicting 3-8 inches of snow across the metro area. This snow storm driven by a reinforcing cold air mass, is expected to bring the heaviest snow of the season to a stretch of land from Denver to southern Minnesota over the weekend. The heaviest snowfall as indicated by Denver snow storm forecasts is anticipated in the mountainous regions around Denver but other cities like Omaha, Nebraska, and Des Moines, Iowa, may also experience frozen precipitation.

Denver itself is projected to receive 5-12 inches of snow according to Denver snow storm forecasts with the heaviest amounts on the western side of the city, potentially leading to travel disruptions on major roads and at the international airport.

In various parts of Colorado the winter weather is expected to start on Saturday and continue through the weekend as per Denver snow storm forecasts. Winter Storm Warnings have been issued for the Denver metro area affecting more than 3 million people.

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Heavy Rain and Flash Flooding Risk from Denver Snow Storm

The situation is also noteworthy for its heavy rain component as Denver snow storm forecasts predict that it will stretch from Texas to the lower Great Lakes. Tropical moisture from the remnants of Hurricane Otis and the Gulf of Mexico as indicated by Denver snow storm forecasts, is contributing to this rainfall.

While the southern regions, as per Denver snow storm forecasts are too warm for snow or ice they are at risk of heavy rainfall with the potential for 1-3 inches of accumulation and isolated higher amounts. The threat of flash flooding is high due to the saturated ground from earlier heavy rainfall in areas spanning from the U.S.-Mexico border to Missouri, according to Denver snow storm forecasts.

Flood Watches have been issued for over 10 million people from Texas to Kansas with the intersection of a former tropical cyclone’s moisture and a frontal boundary across the U.S. driving these weather patterns, as mentioned in Denver snow storm forecasts.

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