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Strep Throat Cases Surge in Select Regions Across the Nation

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The rise of strep throat cases among children has become a growing concern, as some children’s hospitals report a significant increase in this bacterial infection.

Strep Throat Cases Surge in Select Regions Across the Nation (Photo: ABC News)

Strep’s Unprecedented Surge

In a recent report published by NBC News, in October 29, 2023, what makes this situation even more alarming is the shortage of antibiotics that are typically used to treat it. This predicament has raised concerns as we approach the winter season. In the following, it explores the surge in strep throat cases and the potential causes, as well as the challenges posed by the antibiotic shortage.

In recent months, the prevalence of strep throat cases has been surging, particularly in certain regions of the United States. Dr. Jennifer Stevenson, head of the emergency department at Henry Ford Medical Center — Fairlane in Dearborn, Michigan, noted an unprecedented increase in strep cases among both adults and children.

This surge in strep throat cases is significant, with strep throat cases becoming one of the most common diagnoses in the emergency department. Additionally, Epic Research, which tracks electronic health records, has reported a steady increase in strep throat diagnoses, particularly among children aged 4 to 12.

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Antibiotic Shortage Dilemma

According to the news released by ABC News, while strep throat cases is typically treatable with the widely used antibiotic amoxicillin, a shortage of this medication has been ongoing for the past year. This shortage has put healthcare providers in a difficult situation, as they may need to turn to alternative antibiotics, which are not the first-line treatments for strep throat.

The shortage is particularly concerning for young children, as the availability of the pediatric form of amoxicillin has been limited. As the cooler months approach, healthcare professionals worry that the shortage may exacerbate the situation, making it harder for parents to find the necessary medication to treat their children’s strep throat cases infections.

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