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Student Debt Settlement: Discover if You Qualify for Your Share of the $16 Million Cash Payout for Americans


In a landmark development for student loan borrowers, a private student loan company, Navient, has agreed to a substantial $16 million student debt settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit.

Student Debt Settlement: Discover if You Qualify for Your Share of the $16 Million Cash Payout for Americans (Photo: NerdWallet)

A $16 Million Resolution in the Navient Class Action Lawsuit

In a report released by The US Sun, in October 29, 2023,  legal battle that has garnered significant attention, Navient has reached a settlement of $16 million to address the concerns of student debt settlement raised by student loan borrowers. The central issue at hand was whether Navient should have discharged certain student loans after borrowers filed for bankruptcy. The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit for student debt settlement contended that Navient’s failure to do so had resulted in considerable financial damages for the affected borrowers.

The impact of this student debt settlement extends beyond just the monetary compensation. Navient has also committed to forgo the collection of specific outstanding balances, including entire loans in some cases, and to update credit reporting agencies accordingly. The total debt relief provided by this student debt settlement is valued at an impressive $182.4 million.

To benefit from this, class members must submit a valid claim by November 20, and they could potentially receive between 20% and 100% of the damages. This development comes at a crucial time as student loan payments resumed on October 1 after a three-year pause due to the pandemic, putting relief within reach for many borrowers struggling with their financial commitments and process their student debt settlement.

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Exploring Alternatives for Student Loan Relief

In a recent data released by the Pressbee, while the Navient settlement offers significant relief, it is crucial for borrowers to explore various alternatives available to alleviate their student loan burdens and student debt settlement. The White House’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and the Saving on an Affordable Education (SAVE) plan are among the initiatives that can help borrowers manage their loans more effectively.

These programs offer options for loan forgiveness and reduced monthly payments, respectively, providing additional avenues for financial relief. Additionally, those affected by data breaches should check if they qualify for data breach student debt settlement payments, potentially offering a financial lifeline amid the broader challenges of student loan debt.

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