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A Hidden Treasure Unveiled, Over 1,000 Antiques Discovered in Sealed-Off Attic

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Unveiling a Hidden Treasure: 1,000 Antiques Found in Century-Old Attic

In an astonishing discovery, a hidden treasure trove of more than 1,000 antiques was found concealed in a sealed-off attic untouched for over a century, thanks to David Whitcomb’s purchase of a New York building for his law firm. (Photo:

Unearthing the a Hidden Treasures of the Century-Old Attic

According to source, in a surprising discovery, more than 1,000 antiques were found, unveiling a hidden treasure, concealed in a sealed-off attic that had been untouched for over a century. David Whitcomb purchased a building in New York for his law firm without expecting much beyond the need for some renovations. However, when he inspected a drop ceiling, he stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove, a hidden floor that had served as the studio of renowned photographer James Ellery Hale from the early 1900s to around 1920. This unexpected revelation of a hidden treasure was particularly astonishing, as the building’s exterior gave no indication of an attic.

The attic, brimming with a remarkable collection of antique backdrops, photography equipment, gilded photo frames, and an iconic portrait of suffragette Susan B. Anthony, was considered a hidden treasure trove, showcasing one of her most famous photographs.

Initially estimated to be worth as much as $200,000, the portrait ultimately sold for $35,990 at auction due to some fading and water stains, casting a new light on this hidden treasure. The discovery left Whitcomb in awe, as the origins of the collection and the reason it was boarded up in the attic remain a mystery.

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Exploring a Hidden Treasures Lurking in the Attics and Basements of Old Homes

The narrative of discovering hidden treasures in old houses is not uncommon, as illustrated by a separate incident where a couple found a stash of cash in their attic while cleaning it out. Another homeowner stumbled upon a valuable comic book collection worth nearly $3.5 million in their basement, further emphasizing the potential for finding unexpected valuables hidden within the nooks and crannies of older properties. It is indeed an exciting and intriguing endeavor for those interested in unearthing hidden relics and experiencing the thrill of discovering a hidden treasure.

Additionally, the article hints at the potential for everyday individuals to identify valuable coins they might have lying around their homes. These unexpected discoveries serve as a poignant reminder of the rich history and the hidden treasures that may still be waiting to be uncovered in old buildings and residences, offering the possibility of stumbling upon a hidden treasure that adds a touch of mystery and excitement to the exploration.

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