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Full-Time And Low-Income Students Will Be Negatively Affected Of The Changes of SNAP Benefits

A recent change in SNAP benefits for low-income students is said to have negative effects. (Photo: NPR)
A recent change in SNAP benefits for low-income students is said to have negative effects. (Photo: NPR)

A change in SNAP benefits will negatively affect full-time and low-income students.

College hunger may worsen as changes in SNAP was recently announced. (Photo: PBS)

College hunger may worsen as changes in SNAP were recently announced. (Photo: PBS)

Low-Income Students At A Disadvantage

Major changes concerning low-income students have occurred in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. A previous law temporarily made more low-income students eligible for SNAP during the pandemic, but the U.S.

Department of Agriculture has now announced that these exemptions are no longer available for new or recertifying applicants and even full-time and low-income students. This change has negatively impacted full-time students who cannot work the required 20 hours per week and low-income students who rely on SNAP for food.

College hunger is becoming more concerning, with approximately 40% of low-income students experiencing food insecurity. However, less than 20% of low-income college students are eligible for nutrition assistance.

According to a published article by GOBankingRates, the USDA guidelines state that low-income students in college can only qualify for SNAP if they meet certain exemptions in addition to the program’s general requirements. The USDA advises those low-income students who are unsure about their eligibility to contact their local SNAP office.

Easier Work Requirements

In a published article by The Hechinger Report, advocates argue that easing work requirements for students and incentivizing education could help students improve their circumstances and reduce their reliance on government assistance in the future.

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