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Portland Police Bureau: Standoff and Gun Threats Lead to Charges Against Local Resident

Photo: KATU

In a late-night incident on St. John Street, Portland Police Bureau found themselves entangled in a tense standoff as they arrested Keith Fitzell, a 63-year-old city resident.

Portland Police Bureau: Standoff and Gun Threats Lead to Charges Against Local Resident (Photo: KATU)

SRT Team and Negotiators on Scene

According to the recent report published by Press Herald, in November 06, 2023, Fitzell was apprehended by the Portland Police Bureau on charges of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, escalating a situation that unfolded around 8:48 p.m. As Fitzell emerged from an apartment building and pointed a firearm at another individual, the Portland Police Bureau sprang into action. The standoff persisted for over two hours until Fitzell finally surrendered at 12:24 a.m. the following day.

Responding swiftly to the escalating threat, the Portland Police Bureau department’s Special Reaction and Crisis Negotiations Team (SRT) was dispatched to the location. Their task was no easy feat, as they needed to safely engage with Fitzell, who had retreated back into his apartment. The Portland Police Bureau officers, meanwhile, maintained a secure perimeter around the building, awaiting the arrival of the SRT team and negotiators.

During the standoff, the SRT team made multiple attempts to contact Fitzell via telephone and loudspeakers. With a warrant secured by Portland Police Bureau to enter his apartment, the SRT utilized noise flash diversionary devices and non-lethal methods in their relentless efforts to persuade Fitzell to surrender peacefully.

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Weapons Inside Apartment and an Outstanding Warrant

In a recent news released by Spectrum Local News, upon Fitzell’s eventual emergence and arrest, Portland police discovered a cache of weapons within his apartment, compounding the gravity of the situation. Additionally, it was revealed that an outstanding warrant for his arrest existed due to a prior failure to appear. As the investigation unfolds, Portland Police Bureau encourages anyone with information related to this incident to come forward and assist in their ongoing efforts.

You can contact the Portland Police Bureau at 207-874-8575 to provide any relevant information that could contribute to a comprehensive understanding of this tense encounter on St. John Street.

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