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Montana’s Health Department Contemplates Changes to Religious Vaccine Exemptions in Childcare


Recent developments from Montana’s health department have both dismayed and relieved daycare providers like Hutzenbiler.

Montana’s Health Department Contemplates Changes to Religious Vaccine Exemptions in Childcare (Photo: Health News Florida)

Polarized Politics and Shifting Trends

According to the news reported by Montana Free Press, in November 08, 2023, Munchkin Land Daycare near Billings caters to a unique group of children, over half of whom have special needs or compromised immune systems. Owner Sheryl Hutzenbiler emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for these kids, implementing a robust vaccination policy.  The proposal of Montana’s health department to introduce religious exemptions from immunization requirements at childcare facilities brings concerns about community immunity levels and the potential impact on vulnerable children.

Montana, joining 44 other states, Montana’s health department is considering expanding religious exemptions for immunization requirements for childcare facilities. This shift contrasts with the trend over the past decade, where states like California, New York, Connecticut, and Maine removed religious exemption policies.

The resurgence of religious exemptions, partly fueled by conservative backlash to COVID-19 vaccinations, reflects a polarization along red state-blue state lines. University of California-Davis Law Professor Mary Ziegler notes this new polarization, emphasizing how a well-established issue has taken on a new, politically charged dimension.

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Unanswered Questions and Potential Consequences

In a report published by NBC Montana, Montana’s health department’s proposal, buried in a 97-page draft, seeks to extend religious exemptions to childcare facilities, where previously only medical reasons allowed exemptions. Questions sent to Montana’s health department regarding this decision went unanswered, leaving concerns about the potential impact on community immunity levels.

With no mechanism to validate religious claims on vaccination exemptions, health professionals worry about a potential spike in exemptions, risking disease outbreaks and putting not only childcare centers at risk but entire communities. The Montana’s health department’s proposal also includes changes that would eliminate requirements for childcare facilities to exclude infected and unvaccinated individuals during vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, raising further concerns about public health consequences.

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