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The Black Series Lightsabers Hit All-Time Price Low on Amazon Ahead of Black Friday


Exclusive Black Friday Deals on Star Wars The Black Series Lightsabers!

Get ready for Black Friday with exceptional deals on three Star Wars The Black Series lightsabers, including Darth Vader’s The Black Series lightsaber for $164.99, offering robust sound effects and aesthetic appeal, and “The Mandalorian’s” Darksaber for $235, featuring unique design and quality effects at Amazon’s lowest-ever prices. (Photo:

Black Friday Bargains: The Best Deals on Star Wars The Black Series Lightsabers!

According to source, several highly-rated lightsabers, considered among the best on the market, are currently available at their lowest prices ever on Amazon, just in time for Black Friday. These deals encompass three Star Wars The Black Series lightsabers, each offering significant discounts. The Black Series Darth Vader lightsaber is available for $164.99 (22% off), Luke Skywalker’s The Black Series lightsaber for $164 (18% off), and “The Mandalorian’s” Darksaber for $235 (16% off).

These The Black Series lightsabers are not only attractively priced but also excel in terms of sound effects, aesthetics, and functionality. They are not fragile and can withstand normal use, making them both collectible items and functional props. The Darth Vader The Black Series lightsaber, for instance, features a hidden button on the hilt for fantastic effects and ranks high in our best The Black Series lightsaber guide.

The Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker Lightsaber is another appealing option, currently offered at Amazon’s lowest-ever price of $164, providing savings of $35. It closely resembles Luke Skywalker’s The Black Series lightsaber from “Return Of The Jedi.”

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Save Big on ‘The Mandalorian’s’ Darksaber – A Premium Addition to Your The Black Series Lightsaber Collection!

Lastly, “The Mandalorian’s” Darksaber is on sale for $235, down from $278.99 saving you over $40. This unique The Black Series lightsaber from the series stands out in terms of its design and quality effects. While they may appear somewhat pricey for replicas or toys, these The Black Series lightsabers are premium models known for their quality.

They also come with impressive effects, such as progressive ignition, idle hum, duel effect, blaster deflect, wall cutting mode, and a battle sequence mode, and each includes a stand, with Darth Vader’s The Black Series lightsaber featuring a removable Kyber crystal.

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