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Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: US Conducts Airstrikes on 2 Facilities Linked to Iran and Its Proxy Groups

Photo: Tehran Times

In a decisive move, the United States military initiated another round of airstrikes on two facilities linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its proxy groups in Eastern Syria on Sunday.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: US Conducts Airstrikes on 2 Facilities Linked to Iran and Its Proxy Groups (Photo: Middle East Monitor)

Persistent Threats and Retaliatory Measures

According to the recent development featured by NY Post, in November 12, 2023, President Biden, prioritizing the safety of US personnel, authorized these strikes as a response to sustained attacks against American soldiers on bases in Iraq and Syria. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin emphasized that the actions were taken to undermines the United States’ commitment to defending itself, its personnel, and its interests. The strikes, targeting a training facility linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps near Abu Kamal and a safe house near Mayadin, mark the third such military response in just two weeks.

Militant groups, many of which are supported by the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Resistance in Iraq, have been responsible for nearly 50 attacks on bases housing US personnel in Iraq and Syria since October 17. The latest series of airstrikes follows a concerning pattern, with 56 US personnel sustaining injuries in previous attacks, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to minor wounds.

Notably, all injured personnel have returned to duty. These airstrikes associated to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are the third instance of the US responding forcefully to the escalating threats posed by militants in the Middle East, signaling a commitment to counteracting violence against American forces.

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Regional Unrest Following Hamas-Israel Conflict

In a news released by The Guardian, the surge in violence in the region can be traced back to the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel. In response, Israel launched a retaliatory military campaign against the terror group in Gaza, setting off a chain of events that have heightened tensions of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps across the Middle East.

The recent airstrikes by the United States underscore the complex web of geopolitical challenges in the region, with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps playing a central role in the broader context of regional unrest. As the situation occurs, the international community closely watches the evolving dynamics and the potential for further escalation in this volatile geopolitical landscape.

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