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Colorful Shooting Stars to Illuminate Leonid Meteor Shower Spectacle This Weekend

(Photo : sustainabilityawakening)

2023 Leonid Meteor Shower: Modest Expectations for Colorful Shooting Stars, with Future Promise

The Leonid meteor shower, celebrated for its stunning displays, is set to present its colorful shooting stars this weekend, with modest expectations for the 2023 event forecasting rates of 10 to 15 per hour. (Photo:

Anticipating the 2023 Leonid Meteor Shower: Modest Expectations for Colorful Shooting Stars with the Promise of Future Brilliance

According to source, the Leonid meteor shower, renowned for its spectacular displays, is gearing up to showcase its colorful shooting stars this weekend, specifically on Saturday morning (Nov. 18). While the Leonids have painted the sky with meteor storms in the past, such as in 1799, 1833, and 1966, expectations for the 2023 event are modest, with forecasts indicating rates of 10 to 15 colorful shooting stars per hour, according to the International Meteor Organization (IMO). The shower is caused by Comet Tempel-Tuttle, which gracefully passes through the inner solar system every 33.3 years, leaving a “river of rubble” in its wake; however, this year’s display is expected to be lean due to a scarcity of comet debris.

To catch a glimpse of the colorful shooting stars of the Leonids this year, enthusiasts are advised to lie back, look up at the sky, and be patient. Leo, the constellation from which the colorful shooting stars seem to emanate, becomes fully visible after midnight, making it the best time to spot the meteor shower.

Despite the expected low activity, the Leonids are known for their fast velocities, resulting in bright colorful shooting stars with long-lasting streaks. The 2023 Leonids, while likely to be meager, set the stage for potential improvement in the coming years as Comet Tempel-Tuttle approaches the sun.

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Prospects for Leonid Meteor Shower Brightening and December Geminids’ Colorful Display

Looking ahead, experts anticipate a slow improvement in the Leonids, with 2025 showing promise for a greater preponderance of bright colorful shooting stars. However, the most significant activity is forecasted for 2034 and 2035, when hourly rates of several hundred or more colorful shooting stars are expected.

For those eager for a more prolific meteor shower soon, the December Geminids, considered the best meteor shower of the year, are expected to peak on Dec. 13, producing over 100 colorful shooting stars per hour.

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