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Spirit Airlines Settlement Reveals Generous One-Time Payout of $8.25 Million for Eligible Travelers within Specific Years

Photo: The Business Journals

Spirit Airlines, a prominent budget airline operating in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Latin America, has agreed to an $8.25 million Spirit Airlines settlement to address claims of illegally charging passengers for carry-on bags, despite earlier promises that an additional bag would incur no extra charge.

Spirit Airlines Settlement Reveals Generous One-Time Payout of $8.25 Million for Eligible Travelers within Specific Years (Photo: Daily Sabah)

Eligibility Requirements:  Terms of Reimbursement

In a report released by The US Sun, in November 15, 2023, while the airline has not formally admitted to any wrongdoing, the Spirit Airlines settlement marks a resolution to a lawsuit filed by claimants. According to the terms of the agreement, eligible passengers who booked flights during a specific period can receive up to 75% reimbursement for the carry-on bag fees paid on their first flight.

To qualify for Spirit Airlines settlement reimbursement, passengers must have booked a flight on Spirit Airlines through designated platforms such as Expedia, Kiwi, CheapOair, CheapTickets, Travelocity, or Bookit between August 31, 2011, and May 3, 2017, and paid a carry-on bag fee.

Additionally, eligible individuals must have been residents of the US or a US Territory at the time of booking, with the flight in question being their first Spirit Airlines journey after August 1, 2010. The Spirit Airlines settlement notice, distributed via mail or email, provides detailed information about the terms, legal rights, and options available to claimants, facilitating informed decisions regarding participation.

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Payment Information and Alternative Options

According to the news reported by Reuters, to receive reimbursement, eligible passengers must submit a claim form online by January 10, 2024, while those opting for the mail-in option must ensure that the completed and signed form is postmarked or delivered to the Spirit Airlines settlement administrator by the same date. Passengers may choose to opt out of the settlement by sending a signed letter with their name, address, and telephone number, along with evidence of eligibility, to the Spirit Airlines settlement administrator.

Opting out means forgoing any payment from the Spirit Airlines settlement and relinquishing the right to object to its terms. However, this alternative allows individuals to pursue their own case addressing similar issues from the lawsuit, provided the letter reaches the settlement administrator no later than November 11, 2023.

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