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Metropolitan Police Department: Female Suspect Takes Control of Ambulance, Blares Horn and Greets Onlookers Prior to Pursuit and Apprehension by Law Enforcement

Photo: WXYZ

An incident in Southeast Washington, D.C., a woman recently seized an ambulance and embarked on a reckless joyride, leading the Metropolitan Police Department on a pursuit through the city streets.

Metropolitan Police Department: Female Suspect Takes Control of Ambulance, Blares Horn and Greets Onlookers Prior to Pursuit and Apprehension by Law Enforcement (Photo: WHAS11)

Eyewitness Accounts and Unusual Chase

In a report published by New York Post, in November 17, 2023, a 46-year-old woman identified as Francine Lula Hilton from Southeast Washington, D.C., recently stole an ambulance in Southeast D.C. last Wednesday. The incident transpired in the 3600 block of 22nd Street SE around 10:35 a.m., coinciding with emergency crews treating a patient in a nearby apartment building. Hilton took advantage of the situation, pilfering the ambulance that was left unattended outside the complex.

The Metropolitan Police Department swiftly engaged in a pursuit as Hilton, clad in the stolen ambulance uniform, drove erratically around the area. Despite the police chase, the ambulance, reportedly undamaged, was later recovered near 22nd and Savannah Street, Southeast. Hilton now faces multiple charges by Metropolitan Police Department, including theft in the first degree, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and fleeing from law enforcement.

Maurice Evans, a witness working inside one of the apartment units at the time, recounted the surreal scene as Hilton commandeered the ambulance. He observed her putting on the uniform and attempting to start the vehicle, realizing the gravity of the situation. Video footage from Metropolitan Police Department captured Hilton driving the stolen ambulance down the street, honking the horn, and waving at onlookers.

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Metropolitan Police Department’s Swift Response

According to the news released by Fox News, Kenneth Davis, another bystander, revealed that Hilton was trailed by a convoy of five police officers from Metropolitan Police Department and three motorcycles during the unusual chase. Remarkably, no patients were inside the ambulance when it was stolen, and no injuries were reported. The incident unfolded about five miles away from Capitol Hill, adding an unexpected twist to an otherwise routine emergency response.

The Metropolitan Police Department acted promptly to apprehend Hilton after the ambulance heist. Following the chase, Hilton was arrested and taken in for questioning. The charges she faces, including theft and fleeing from law enforcement, determines the seriousness of the incident.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s swift response and collaboration with other emergency services ensured the recovery of the stolen ambulance and the safety of the community. As the investigation unfolds, the bizarre escapade raises questions about the security protocols in place during emergency responses and the resilience of first responders in the face of unexpected challenges.

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