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Colombian Migrants Arrested in $20K Illinois Scam Involving Fake Lottery Ticket


Elderly Woman Falls Victim to $20,000 Scam Involving Fake Lottery Ticket in Illinois

Three Colombian migrants, including Miguel Pena-Gomez, Liliana Nagles-Cuesta, and Angela Posada-Acosta, face accusations of theft by deception in a scheme involving a fake lottery ticket that targeted an elderly woman, resulting in a loss exceeding $20,000 at an Illinois grocery store. (Photo:

Illinois Scam Artists Exploit Elderly Victim with Elaborate Fake Lottery Ticket Ruse

According to source, three Colombian migrants—Miguel Pena-Gomez (43), Liliana Nagles-Cuesta (49), and Angela Posada-Acosta (45)—were apprehended and accused of theft by deception for orchestrating a scheme involving a fake lottery ticket. This scam targeted a woman over 60 years old, resulting in the loss of more than $20,000 at an Illinois grocery store. The deceptive act transpired on November 7 outside Caputo’s Fresh Market near Chicago, where the trio zeroed in on the vulnerable elderly victim in the parking lot. Pena-Gomez kickstarted the fraudulent scheme by approaching the woman, asserting possession of a fake lottery ticket purportedly worth $6 million but stressing the need for funds to claim the winnings.

Adding a layer of deceit, Nagles-Cuesta entered the scene, providing assistance in Spanish. Reportedly, she contacted fake lottery authorities, informing the victim that Pena-Gomez required $30,000 to secure his alleged winnings. Having successfully convinced the victim, Nagles-Cuesta promptly departed, indicating her intention to withdraw money from her bank. Upon her return, they drove to the victim’s bank, where she withdrew a substantial $20,143.

Subsequently, under the guise of further assistance, the victim was persuaded to take Pena-Gomez to a pharmacy, providing him an opportunity to abscond with the money from the fake lottery ticket left in the car’s glove compartment.

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Release of Suspects in Fake Lottery Ticket Scam Raises Concerns About Protection of Elderly Individuals

Posada-Acosta, the third suspect, allegedly acted as a lookout during this elaborate fake lottery ticket scam. Despite facing a serious charge of theft by deception of more than $5,000 from an individual over 60, classified as a class 2 felony, the three suspects appeared in court.

Surprisingly, DuPage County officials ordered their release, instructing them to return to court on December 11. This case underscores the susceptibility of elderly individuals to scams and emphasizes the perpetrators’ cunning use of fake lottery ticket deception to exploit trust for financial gain.

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