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North Ridgeville Police Department: Ohio Man 20 Apprehended for Falsely Claiming to be Target of Anti-Palestinian Hate Crime, Say Authorities

Hesham A. Ayyad, a 20-year-old Ohio man, has been arrested by the North Ridgeville Police Department for allegedly fabricating a hate crime incident.

North Ridgeville Police Department: Ohio Man 20 Apprehended for Falsely Claiming to be Target of Anti-Palestinian Hate Crime, Say Authorities (Photo: WAFB)

The Alleged Hate Crime Incident Unravels

In a recent report published by New York Post, in November 18, 2023, Ayyad had reported to the Cleveland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that he was a victim of an anti-Palestinian hate crime, involving verbal slurs and a physical assault. However, an investigation by the North Ridgeville Police Department revealed a different story, leading to Ayyad’s arrest and raising questions about the accuracy of his claims.

Ayyad had informed CAIR officials that he was walking home when a driver verbally attacked him with anti-Palestinian slurs and subsequently hit him with a vehicle. The incident, as described by Ayyad, garnered attention and prompted CAIR to call for a thorough investigation by the North Ridgeville Police Department.

Ayyad’s injuries were documented in a press release, complete with a photo showing him in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace. However, the North Ridgeville Police Department investigation, including the review of video footage from the area, uncovered inconsistencies, leading to the conclusion that Ayyad had lied about the hate crime.

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Legal Ramifications and Parallel to Jussie Smollett Case

According to the report released by Newsweek, following the investigation of North Ridgeville Police Department, Hesham A. Ayyad was taken into custody and charged with making false alarms, falsification, obstructing official business, domestic violence, and assault. This incident draws parallels to the infamous Jussie Smollett case, where the actor was found guilty of staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself.

Ayyad’s 19-year-old brother, Khalil A. Ayyad, also faced legal consequences, being arrested by North Ridgeville Police Department and charged with domestic violence and assault. The arrest has sparked curiosity about the nature of the charges and highlights the potential legal repercussions individuals may face when fabricating hate crimes.

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