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Snowstorm and Cold Air to Disrupt Thanksgiving Travel Across Rockies and Plains, Triggering Winter Weather Alerts

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Thanksgiving Travel Disruptions Expected: Winter Storm Threatens Rockies, Plains, and Midwest, Triggering Alerts for Millions

A snowstorm accompanied by cold air is set to disrupt Thanksgiving travel through the Rockies and Plains, impacting higher elevations with substantial snowfall and prompting winter weather alerts for over 8 million Americans. (Photo:

Thanksgiving Travel Chaos: Winter Storm Threatens Rockies and Plains, Prompts Winter Weather Alerts Across Multiple States

According to source, a snowstorm accompanied by cold air is expected to impede Thanksgiving return travel through the Rockies and Plains, with higher elevations in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado anticipating substantial snowfall. While these regions might measure the snow in feet, areas around Salt Lake City, Denver, and Wichita, Kansas are likely to experience several inches of snow. The combination of snow and cold temperatures is anticipated to disrupt travel on interstates 25, 70, and 80 through the Rockies and Plains, affecting more than 8 million Americans under winter weather alerts.

For southern communities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, this storm system could bring the first round of snow since spring, warranting winter weather alerts. Travelers are warned about potential disruptions and hazardous road conditions, especially those under winter weather alerts.

In Colorado, most areas are under a Winter Weather Advisory, with forecasts predicting accumulations between 2 and 5 inches, leading to slick and hazardous roads and triggering winter weather alerts. Cold weather shelters have been opened in several communities to provide refuge for those affected by the wintry conditions and winter weather alerts.

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Travel Advisory: FOX Weather Urges Caution as Thanksgiving Storm Impacts Friday and Sunday Travel, Winter Weather Alerts in Effect

FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin advises that travel on Friday and during the rush home from Thanksgiving might be challenging due to the storm’s impact, urging extra caution for those traveling by air or road, particularly in areas under winter weather alerts. As the precipitation moves into the Great Lakes region on Sunday, one of the busiest travel days of the year, minor snowfall accumulations are expected, with above-freezing temperatures causing precipitation to fall mostly as rain, though winter weather alerts are still in effect.

However, the wet weather in the Midwest could result in slick roadways and travel issues on Sunday and Monday, affecting major airports like O’Hare, Midway, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, leading to ongoing winter weather alerts.

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