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UK Space Command Guides Spaceflux in Groundbreaking Space Camera-Telescope Project


Enhancing Space Security: UK Space Command Awards Spaceflux Contract for Ground-Based Space Camera-Telescope System

The UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency have awarded Spaceflux a contract to enhance the country’s Space Domain Awareness with a ground-based space camera-telescope system in Cyprus. (Photo:

Spaceflux Partners with UK Space Command: Building Ground-Based System for Enhanced Space Domain Awareness

According to source, the UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency have awarded Spaceflux a contract to build a ground-based space camera-telescope system in Cyprus. The system’s mission is to monitor objects in geostationary orbit, providing position information on UK satellites to prevent collisions, protect critical space assets, and enhance the UK’s Space Domain Awareness.

Spaceflux will build, maintain, and operate the system, with analysts from the UK Space Agency and UK Space Command overseeing it from the UK Space Operations Centre at RAF High Wycombe. The system’s design will facilitate data sharing with partner organizations and international allies enhancing the UK Space Command’s contribution to strategic space relationships.

In addition to the contract for the space system, the UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency will launch the National Space Operations Centre next year. This center, overseen by the UK Space Command, will combine and coordinate civilian and military Space Domain Awareness capabilities to protect UK interests from space-related threats, risks, and hazards.

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Spaceflux CEO Applauds Collaboration with UK Space Command for ‘Nyx Alpha’ Project: Advancing Technologies for National Space Ecosystem

The move aims to improve overall space operations and ensure the security of national space assets under the guidance of the UK Space Command. Dr. Marco Rocchetto, Founder and CEO of Spaceflux, expressed pride in supporting the enhancement of this sovereign capability, contributing to the safety of the national space ecosystem. He emphasized that these contracts would not only advance Spaceflux’s technologies but also contribute to the growth of the national space ecosystem.

The project known as ‘Nyx Alpha’ reflects the commitment to fostering a secure and sustainable space environment while promoting collaboration and innovation with the guidance of the UK Space Command in the UK space sector.

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