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A teen in Calabasas fights back after being attacked violently.

Investigations are still being made for Jimmy Smith III's death. (Photo: Flickr)
Investigations are still being made for Jimmy Smith III's death. (Photo: Flickr)

Nathan Manyari, 14, was caught in the middle of a shocking chain of events on a Tuesday afternoon in Calabasas. The events were sudden and violent. At least one suspect named Angel Sanchez Jr. was involved in both parts of the crime.

In the first attack, Sanchez went after a grandfather in his 60s who was pushing his granddaughter in a stroller on Lost Springs Road. The scary scene was caught on surveillance video as Sanchez delivered a surprise attack to the oblivious individual.

Tragic incident claims life of promising young athlete Nathan Manyari en Route to Boxing Gym in what appeared to be a random act of violence, he tragically became the second victim. Sanchez, the attacker, first came up to Manyari while he was riding his bike near Agoura Road, he said on the talk show. In a statement provided to law enforcement officials, Manyari described a troubling encounter, revealing, “He kept grabbing the back of my shirt, and hitting the back of my head,” Recent events involve a couple of people who were out for a leisurely jog when an unknown person allegedly approached them and quickly asked for their help in capturing someone else. The identity of the person is now in question.

Not long after that, Manyari was attacked. The brave youngster successfully defended himself against a random attack, which is an amazing show of strength. Manyari recounted the distressing incident where he found himself at the receiving end of a violent assault.  According to him, the suspect made a firm grip on his collarbone region and forcefully yanked him backwards, launching a series of aggressive strikes aimed at the vulnerable areas of his head and face. In a remarkable demonstration of self-preservation, the individual has taken important steps to safeguard their own well-being. The attacker’s lip has reportedly sustained a minor injury, leading to a slight laceration. The mysterious figure made a serene exit from the scene, leaving bystanders perplexed and bewildered. As soon as the esteemed trainer of Manyari, Gift Davis, was upon sight, a surge of urgency coursed through his veins, propelling hin towards the local fitness center with swift determination.

Gift Davis, the coach of Manyari, was perplexed as he noticed the injuries palpable on the teenager’s face. Davis has made an intriguing observation, noting that as the individual approaches, a noticeable detail becomes increasingly obvious: his mouth displays a vibrant hue of red. After hearing the explanation, he hurried down to see if the person who caused the injuries of Manyari was still there, only to find out that the suspect had left the scene.

An arrest was made for Angel Sanchez Jr. on Wednesday in Oxnard. A guy was caught and arrested at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on charges of assault with a weapon likely to cause serious physical harm.

In a string of apparently random assaults, it is notable to highlight that both individuals targeted were members of the Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. The motive behind the assaults continues to be a mystery, as the dedicated efforts of the sheriff’s department persist in their ongoing investigation of the incidents. Manyari, who has emerged from a terrifying experience, is urging caution among the public despite his newfound safety and ongoing recovery. In a remarkable act of bravery, the teenager has delivered a compelling message, asking individuals to place their safety at the top of their priorities and maintain a state of constant vigilance.

Authorities have issued a strong plea to anyone in possession of pertinent information regarding these incidents to expeditiously contact Detective Parks at the sheriff’s Malibu/Lost Hills station by dialing (818) 878-1808.

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