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Hefty and Walmart Settlement: Last Chance for One-Time Payout of $3 Million – Verify Two Criteria for Your Claim

Photo: The US Sun

Consumers who fell victim to misleading advertising by Reynolds have only one more week to take advantage of the recent settlement related to Hefty and Walmart’s Great Value recycling bags.

Hefty and Walmart Settlement: Last Chance for One-Time Payout of $3 Million – Verify Two Criteria for Your Claim (Photo: Office of General Services – New York State)

Hefty’s Recycling Bag Controversy Revealed

According to the recent data released by The US Sun, in December 06, 2023, in a class-action lawsuit settled for $3 million, Reynolds faced allegations that Hefty and Walmart “recyclable” bags did not live up to the eco-friendly claims, leaving purchasers in a lurch. With the deadline fast approaching, affected individuals have a limited time to claim their share of the settlement on the deceptive marketing practices of household brands.

Reynolds, the company behind the Hefty brand, agreed to the multimillion-dollar settlement after being accused of false advertising regarding the recyclability of their trash bags. Shoppers who believed they were making an environmentally conscious choice were left dismayed when it was revealed that the so-called “recycling” bags were not suitable for recycling in waste disposal facilities.

The settlement, though not an admission of guilt, exposes the Hefty and Walmart company’s deceptive tactics and offers affected consumers an opportunity to claim compensation for their purchases.

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Claiming Compensation: Deadline and Eligibility

In a recent report released by Washington Examiner, as the deadline for filing claims looms on December 13, affected consumers of Hefty and Walmart must act swiftly to secure their share of the settlement. Eligible individuals can receive up to $2 per purchased product, with a maximum claim of six products for those without proof of purchase.

Those with receipts documenting their Hefty and Walmart or Great Value recycling bag purchases between July 20, 2018, and Aug. 30, 2023, can claim up to 25 products and receive a $50 payment. However, honesty is crucial during the claims process, as customers are under penalty of perjury. For those unsure of their eligibility, consulting the Claim Administrator is recommended to clarify qualification status.

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