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Congressman Proposes ‘Alexandra’s Law’ to Charge Fentanyl Drug Dealers with Murder

After the San Francisco Chronicle reported that some drug dealers in the city earn up to $350,000 annually, a conflict has emerged in San Francisco. (Photo: FOX NEWS SF)

Recently, Congressman Darrell Issa has come up with an extraordinary legal measure referred to as Alexandra’s Law, which seeks to contain the raging fentanyl crisis. This law is purposely made to solve the deep and damaging effects brought about by this deadly substance. The new measure is a poignant tribute to the late Alexandra Capelouto, a 20-year-old who died from fentanyl poisoning in 2019. The aim of this legislation is to impose severe punishments on any dealer found guilty of dispensing fatal doses.

Congressman Issa, who is co-chairing the Congressional Fentanyl Caucus, convened a press conference in Temecula to highlight the need for action to address the worst substance in the local communities. Undersheriff Don Sharp from Riverside County reiterated

Alexandra’s Law is a bold law that says to drug dealers, “You cannot sell fentanyl-laced drugs.” The new law creates a basis for the prosecution of those found distributing those lethal doses under murder charges. In order to strengthen the efforts of law enforcement, new legislation has been put forth that would give more powers and materials to the authorities. This law aims to make sure the evidence gotten through law enforcement bodies can be accepted in both state and federal courts, which will help the criminal case succeed legally.

Issa stated that the federal government, as well as state district attorneys, U.S. attorneys, and law enforcement agents, are required to be endowed with the right tools. To discourage drug trafficking, authorities are encouraging people to be prepared with the right tools to discourage others from such engagements. It is anticipated that the lure of drug sales will diminish significantly, especially if an individual is made to realize that they could face the charge of murder in the event of a fatal outcome.

His father and Alexandra’s dad, Matt Capelouto, have even added their voices of approval of the law. He has emphasized the liabilities of people who are involved in the lucrative business of selling deadly counterfeits laced with fentanyl. Riverside and Orange counties have taken a strong offensive against drug dealers, charging them with murder for pushing fentanyl-laced opioids. Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin highlighted the magnitude of the problem through the alarming figures. Hestrin stated that the country recorded a shocking 100,000 deaths related to fentanyl in 2022.

A national crisis that has swept the country has occurred. Hestrin, a notable figure, made a key revelation in a recent statement that contradicts information recorded in the preceding year of 2022. The worst was reached during this period, when over one hundred thousand people died from drug overdoses. The majority of these cases occurred due to fentanyl, and Hestrin pointed this out.

The law will be subjected to intense scrutiny as it is assigned to a sub-committee within the judiciary, signifying a major step towards the fight against the fentanyl menace. In an attempt to mitigate the problem, this legislation proposes to impose legal sanctions on drug dealers who are responsible for these tragic deaths.

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