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China and Russia Challenge U.S. Role in Gaza Conflict

(Photo: amnesty)

China and Russia are both very worried about the alleged plans to split up the Gaza Strip, which is a big geopolitical move because it challenges the US’s long-standing role as the main mediator. After Hamas’s “Al-Aqsa Flood” attack, things got worse, which is why China and Russia started talking to everyone involved. Both countries are worried about how dangerous things are in Gaza because they think there could be a large-scale ground attack and more fighting on many fronts.

Most recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued what is probably the strongest statement ever uttered by any head of state about this issue, challenging the US “global reach” and noting that the US must be checked as well since it engages in, inter alia, illegal activities. In addition to China, Russia has also been taking part in the diplomatic game, such as disentangling some South American countries from Israel. China, Russia, and most of its media too have heavily rebuked Israel, arguing its biggest friend, America, made white phosphorus bombs that they claim are unlawful.

China and Russia are preventing what they say is a Jewish and American attempt to get people out of Gaza and keep them from moving to surrounding countries. Analysts believe this might be just one of the steps on the road to reshaping the political landscape in the Middle East. China has been in the past associated with Mao Zedong and supporting the Palestinian resistance groups. It has strained relations with Israel and the US in particular, as Hamas is viewed as a terrorist group.

While Israel is making strides to divide Gaza, China and Russia are urging their Middle Eastern partners to unite in opposing the plan for division of the territory. The article emphasizes the importance of the two-state solution and how it should be a political answer that everyone accepts if Palestine wishes to stop Israel from trying to destroy the two-state solution. The ongoing conflict raises concerns about how China and Russia might help the world solve the crisis, challenge U.S. dominance, and protect their economic interests in the area.

In the midst of these geopolitical moves, recent Chinese diplomatic moves, such as providing assistance to Palestinians, show that it is seeking to become a responsible player in the international arena. However, in the event that each of them succeeds, both China and Russia may exert pressure on America, especially in Western countries, thereby questioning American policies and interfering with the Middle Eastern arms market. With this, the article ends with cautious optimism, noting that the inclusion of China and Russia will spoil the plans for the Gaza Strip and may cause a change in the power balance in the region.

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