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Christmas Killer’s Grisly Massacre Shocks Arkansas Town

Photo: Turlock Journal

Photo: Turlock Journal

Surprisingly, Ronald Gene Simmons, an ex-serviceman, orchestrated a Christmas massacre in the normally quiet town of Dover, Arkansas. This, however, has taken one of the ugly and shocking turns that saw former master sergeant Simmons being accused of murdering 16 members of his own family. Simmons was once a respected and decorated military professional, but now this community is in shock and disbelief after he committed a reign of terror. 

Simmons, a Chicago native born in 1940, encountered a turbulent journey that ultimately directed him through the darkness of alcoholism. However, his downfall culminated in a gruesome orgy of bloodshed that resounded across the entire country. Having spent more than 2 decades in the military service and having received many medals to prove this, Simmons’ personal life went awry as soon as he retired from the armed forces at the end of 1979.

Simmons experienced a turbulent life in 1987, when his alcohol abuse increased. A sad twist of events occurred when Mr. Simmons had to deal with a difficult situation as his wife, Becky, sought comfort in the confession. The development overwhelmed Mr. Simmons to the point of a breakdown, which caused him to react abruptly at an unexpected time. As a matter of fact, on December 22, 1987, he callously murdered his wife, a grown son, and a three-year-old granddaughter. The perpetrator heartlessly disposed of their bodies in a DIY outhouse, leaving a path of destruction in his tracks.

On a shocking Christmas day, Simmons, the cunning father of four children, lured them to go to the backyard of their house, assuring them of a unique surprise. Shockingly, he would strangulate them or drown them in the rain barrel. In an even more chilling move, Simmons is believed to have killed his son and daughter-in-law during their holiday trip to bring the deaths further up.

Simmons killed 14 people, including his own children and grandchildren. The bodies were arranged neatly and orderly in rows in his living room. The Christmas lights on his mobile home acted as eerie witnesses to the nightmare that took place.

None of Mr. Simmons’ surviving relatives came forward to claim his body, which was a very touching act of isolation. The Christmas Killer is buried in a humble potter’s field in Lincoln County, Arkansas, in a somber conclusion to a chilling chapter. The malevolent figure is shrouded in mystery. This final resting place is for the unidentified and unclaimed, and it only serves to remind the world of the mystery surrounding this malevolent figure.

Currently, the Dover community is trying to unravel an inexplicable tragedy that has left authorities working to reconstruct the bone-chilling sequence of events that took place inside the Simmons family residence. The haunting memory of Ronald Gene Simmons’ cruelty, however, has ruin the joyous Christmas season.

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