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Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Delays Abortion Ruling for Pregnant Woman

Abortion laws still being challenged in Idaho making patients cross the borders to Oregon for the procedure. (Photo: Missouri Independent)
Abortion laws still being challenged in Idaho making patients cross the borders to Oregon for the procedure. (Photo: Missouri Independent)

(Photo: Missouri Independent)

Late in the night of Friday, the Texas Supreme Court issued a stay order as an interim measure in response to a judgment of a lower court. Since she received a fatal fetal diagnosis, the lower court has granted the pregnant woman permission to have an abortion. The latest decision is unprecedented and poses the most substantial challenge to the very restrictive policy on abortion in Texas.

Recently, a lower court judge granted a temporary restraining order in favor of Kate Cox, a middle-aged woman from Dallas, aged around thirty-one and a mother of two. The legal intervention has stopped Texas from passing its dubious abortion bill in this case. An unusual court procedure is being used to stand in the way of Texas’s strict anti-abortion laws.

At first thought, the Texas Supreme Court of all Republican judges gave an enigmatic single-sentence order on Thursday. Without looking into the substance of the matter, the order stopped a lower court decision and put the rest of the proceedings in further doubt. The court, however, stated that the case for Cox is yet to be cleared, making it difficult, if not impossible, to predict the outcome of this legal battle.

Molly Duane, an esteemed attorney hailing from the Center for Reproductive Rights and representing Cox, has voiced her apprehension regarding the possible hindrances that may impede the timely delivery of justice. In a recent statement, Duane expressed concern over the potential delay in delivering justice in the ongoing court case. Emphasizing the importance of a swift resolution, Duane expressed hope that the Court would promptly reject the state’s request. However, there is apprehension that any delay in the proceedings could ultimately result in justice being denied.

The world has got another landmark in history with one of the most unique lawsuits in present-day society, where Cox, 20 weeks pregnant, has made a move. It is claimed to be the first such legal action following the repeal by the Supreme Court of the United States of the landmark Roe v. Wade judgment a year ago. Recently, it has come out that the lower courts’ decision applies only to one famous person in the case, Cox. Accordingly, the lawyers for Cox have opted to keep silent on issues concerning Cox’s decision to abort.

She recently revealed her harrowing account in an ongoing lawsuit Cox filed regarding her high-risk pregnancy. The prospect of living with dismal survival odds following a diagnosis of trisomy 18, an illness that carries a high risk of miscarriage or stillbirth, looms darkly upon her path. Cautiously, the specialists advise holding off on induction of labor in a woman who has had a previous caesarean section since this complication may lead to uterus bursting.

Recently, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has come forward with a persuasive case against Cox, questioning her suitability for a medical exemption to the state’s ban on abortions. The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, appeals to the Texas Supreme Court to act instantly, stressing that a life lost when an abortion is committed against the state order is irreversible.

A case involving abortion for a woman is being debated in Texas. Another similar suit is being filed in Kentucky by a pregnant woman. For the first time in history, a bold figure named Jane Doe plans on contesting the prohibition made by Kentucky under the guise of legal proceedings. To this end, Doe is proposing that she be granted standing as a representative of all those who face similar restrictions.

During a time when a host of issues in relation to reproduction rights are facing court, no one can stop talking about the national case that has left the whole society glued to their TV screens, watching how it will end.

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