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Harvard President Claudine Gay is facing plagiarism allegations amidst a highly controversial situation and strong demands for her resignation

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Harvard President Claudine Gay is currently facing allegations of plagiarizing multiple sections of her 1997 Ph.D. thesis, which is a clear breach of Harvard’s regulations regarding academic integrity.

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Harvard University is currently facing an integrity issue as its president is being accused of a plagiarism scandal

Harvard President Claudine Gay is currently under serious allegations of plagiarism about her 1997 Ph.D. thesis. There is evidence indicating that she copied sections practically word-for-word from other writers’ works, which is a clear breach of Harvard’s policy on academic integrity.

Documents published on X by journalists Christopher Rufo and Chris Brunet present direct parallels, emphasizing occasions when Gay’s writing closely mimics previous works, including the complete copying of full paragraphs.

Instances consist of excerpts purportedly appropriated from works authored by Lawrence Bobo and Franklin Gilliam, exhibiting sentences that are duplicated almost verbatim. Although Gay recognizes these professors in the introduction, charges assert that her paraphrase breaches Harvard’s regulations.

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Harvard President Claudine Gay is increasingly being urged to step down in light of allegations and controversies on plagiarism

The allegations increase the current demands for Gay’s resignation following her recent appearance before Congress, during which she received criticism for not categorically condemning the advocacy for a “global intifada” on Harvard’s premises.

The controversy has escalated, with billboard trucks circling Harvard demanding her removal.

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