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DeSantis’ legal team wants the judge to throw out Disney’s lawsuit about free speech

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Governor Ron DeSantis’ attorneys want Disney’s free speech case dismissed after he took over Walt Disney World’s governing district.

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Disney and DeSantis Clash Over First Amendment Rights in Federal Court

This was in response to Disney’s resistance to a Florida law banning early-grade sexual orientation and gender identity lessons. The Tallahassee federal court hearing will be Disney’s first oral argument on its claim that DeSantis violated the First Amendment by penalizing the entertainment behemoth.

DeSantis’ legal team argues that the case should be dismissed due to immunity because he does not enforce the statutes that eliminated government oversight from Disney backers. U.S. area Judge Allen Winsor may decide who controls Disney World’s 40-square-mile municipal services area. Disney and DeSantis’ appointees are suing over district control in Orlando state court.

DeSantis argues that the federal case lacks standing since neither he nor the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity secretary may enforce Disney World’s government restructuring regulations. The measures sought to remove Disney loyalists from the district board and install gubernatorial appointments. The federal lawsuit names appointed board members.

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Accuses DeSantis of Unconstitutional Power Abuse

Disney opposes DeSantis’ request to dismiss, accusing him and his appointees of using politics to silence dissenters. Disney claims that this assumption is unconstitutional and un-American, emphasizing governmental power abuse.

Disney publicly opposed DeSantis’ “don’t say gay” rule, which sparked their fight. In reaction, the governor and Republican legislators took over the area Disney had controlled for almost 50 years, causing personnel turnover and accusations of partisanship and favoritism.

READ ALSO: DeSantis attorneys ask federal judge to dismiss Disney’s free speech lawsuit

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